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About "Tiger Pest Control Co.

: বাংলাদেশ সরকার অনুমোদিত :

টাইগার পেষ্ট কন্ট্রোল কো. ১৯৯৫ সাল থেকে  বাংলাদেশের ৬৪ জেলায় অত্যন্ত সুনামের সাথে পোকা-মাকড় নিয়ন্ত্রনের সেবা দিয়ে আসছে। পোকামাকড় নিয়ন্ত্রনে আমরা ব্যাবহার করি পরিবেশ বান্ধব উন্নতমানের কীটনাশক কেমিক্যাল যেগুলো আমরা আমদানি করি আমেরিকা, ইংল্যান্ড, চিন, জার্মান ও ভারত থেকে। আমাদের রয়েছে একদল অভিজ্ঞতা সম্পন্ন টেকনিশিয়ান ও পেষ্ট কন্ট্রোল বিশেষজ্ঞ। পোকামাকড় সংক্রান্ত আপনার যে কোন সমস্যা আমরা গ্যারান্টি সহকারে নিয়ন্ত্রন করে দিব ।আমরা সারা বাংলাদেশের যে কোন জায়গায় যে কোন ফ্ল্যাটবাসা, বাড়ি, অফিস, পোশাকশিল্প, হাসপাতাল, রেস্টুরেন্ট, গুডাউন, ওয়্যার হাউজ, আবাসিক হোটেল ইত্যাদিতে ১০০% গ্যারান্টি সহকারে ছাড়পোকা, তেলাপোকা, উইপোকা, ইদুর, সাপ ও মশা, মাছি সহ সকল প্রজাতির পোকামাকড় নিয়ন্ত্রন করি।

About of the Tiger Pest Control Co (TPC):

Tiger Pest Control Co (TPC) is a new generation modern Pest Control Service Provider Company in Bangladesh. Md Imran Hossain founded the Tiger Pest Control Co in 1995 at Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh. with his aim is providing reliable & affordable pest control service to required places like Govt, Residential & Commercial Building, Group of Companies, Garments, Food & Beverage, Restaurant, Mills, Industries, Houses, University Campus, Hotel, Club, Shopping Mall, Commercial & Non-commercial any other places like Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Sylhet and any others

places there are huge both Foreign & Local valued clients & customers of market with us in Bangladesh with the best satisfaction.

A well experienced technical operation team in providing pest control services to Hotels, Hospitals, Garments, Industries, all EPZ, Private Houses/Flats, Shopping Mall and others in all over the Bangladesh.

Tiger Pest Control Co (TPC) is a privately owned Pest Control Services provider organization which Head office at Dhaka with its operational branches in Chittagong, Khulna and Sylhet. Now TPC run with a well experienced pest control operational team with the skillful available manpower.

The main works of the TPC to controls & eradicates of all species of insect pest like Cockroach, Flies, Mosquito, Termite, Rodent and Snake for a insect free suitable environment for human being society.

# The MD & C E O of the Company is well experienced person in pest control services having vast experience & practical knowledge in handling modern & potential pest control services.

# Our Manager, Site Coordinator & Supervisor are issued with checklist to ensure that all work is carried out according to the agreed specification. In addition to this supervision we would like to suggest a monthly quality control meeting where we discuss our performance level and invite our clients to comments on the standards achieved. We shall also provide customers satisfaction card to the clients to get his feedback from us.

# Our Technical operation team are certify from a renewable organization & they are very well experienced technicians those are specially trained with the techniques are using chemicals, insecticides according to MSDS also equipment operating to provide all varieties of services as mentioned above at any time anywhere in Bangladesh.

We take this opportunity to offer our effective & competitive pest control services for control & eradication of all species of insect pest such as: Black cockroaches, white cockroaches, Termites, white Ants, Red Ants, Black Ants, Bed Bugs, Mosquitoes, House Flies, Furniture Borer, Garden Insects, and Rats & Mouse etc. Commercial Building, Office, House, Flats, Hotel & Restaurants, Hospital & Clinics, Garments Industries, Textile Mills, 3 Star, 5 Star Hotel and in any other Industrial & Commercial Institute.

Our operational team is experienced Technicians who are trained with the techniques in using chemicals & insecticides, Equipment operation to provide all varieties of pest control services as mentioned above at any time in any organizational anywhere in Bangladesh.


We shall undertake pest control service for control of all type of pests Cockroach, Mosquitoes, Ant, Bed Bugs, rate, snake etc. we strongly recommend operation effective control Measure in the centre in keep the Ground Floor to top floor inside & Out Side all space (Dining room, kitchen room, Store room, hall room, office room, patient room, toilet room & any other's room) free for a comfortable using.

Our Product: we use at our service site.



Financial Proposal

Nature of Treatment

Target Area

Price Taka

Service for all insect like Cockroach, Mosquito, Flies, Bedbugs, Rat, Spider, Lizard, Snake & any others Control

Clint target area 



Visit/quotation/negotiation/Work order/service/satisfy/certificate/bill 

Vat & Tax Exclude


Yearly agreement basis service

Tiger Pest Service Procedure:

Inside area service process: residual food grade chemical spray without bad smell & uses glue trap against on insect rat, Cockroach, fly, mosquito, ant, bedbug’s spider & Lizard Control.

Outside area service process: surrounding Drain & premises of the production building where chemical spray & uses glue trap, rat cage against on insect rat, Cockroach, fly, mosquito, ant, bedbug’s spider & Lizard Control.

Service Frequency: yearly agreement for Monthly 01 Service.

  • Also we committed to you that we are fully control Existing all insect at target area.

  • 3rd grade operating system:

  • 1st steps operation at inside premises

  • 2nd steps operation at building near outside premises

  • 3rd steps operation at factory boundary premises

  • Those 3 steps are coverage the full factory like barricade chain. Any insect do not enter the factory.


Our Vision

The vision of Tiger Pest Control is to be recognized by our customers, employees, and experts in our industry as the leading pest control company in our market area.

Our Mission

The mission of 'Tiger Pest Control ' is to provide the safest and highest quality service and to increase the quality of life for our customers, employees, and communities through a professional, responsible, and ethical manner.

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Contact us

  tigerpestcontrolco@yahoo.com, tigerpestcontrolbd@gmail.com

  +880 1725-286527  
  +880 1866-970740-44  
  House No: 99/ka, Sha-Alibagh, Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216.

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Head Office:

House No: 99/ka, Sha-Ali Bagh

Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216.

Chittagong Office:

City Corporation Market, Bondor tila


Khulna Office:

1st floor, Noyon Traders

Niralar Mor, Khulna

Sylhet Office:

Shobahani Gahat


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